Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking for a Beary Good Time?

What could be more appropriate than a toddler and a Teddy Bear Picnic? 
Inside or outside, this is a party that could be easy to execute. 
Have a stack of quilts or blankets, one or two simple games, 
a light lunch, cake or cookies and a cute favor to take home. 
Here are some great ideas to get you started!
Invitation . Teddy Bear Picnic Collection . by Loralee Lewis

This little girl is ready to party! Check out her shirt and her bears all lined up and ready to go!

You can buy this birthday hat from Etsy, or make your own!
Handmade Teddy Bear Birthday Party Hat

More invitation ideas
Vintage Style Teddy Bear Party Invitation (Blue or Pink)
TEDDY BEAR TEA Party Invitation Custom Digital File Girls Birthday or  Shower

Printable Birthday Invitation, -Teddy
Teddy Bear birthday invitations

Choose a decor that suits you best! The best rule of thumb is that 
the younger the child, the less you do!

Invitation . Teddy Bear Picnic Collection . by Loralee Lewis

Gear your party food to be age appropriate. Add interest by cutting 
little sandwiches in the shapes of teddy bears!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Cake? Cake? Gotta have cake!

No party is complete without fun snacks or favors

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

This Teddy Bear soap is adorable! Just make sure that it is 
carefully labeled so no one will think it is food!
Source: via Florencia on Pinterest

Use this graphic as a coloring activity or make it larger for a Pin the Face on the Bear!

For entertainment try Going on a Bear Hunt! A tiny bear is hidden (inside or outside, depending on the weather) with each child's name on a specific color tag attached to a ribbon. Children are given a copy of the exact color tag that they must match to find their bear.

Have fun with your party planning, but don't bite off more than you can chew!
Remember that it is supposed to be fun for everyone...and that includes YOU!

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