Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunshine Coming Your Way

   I am so over my knee replacement. Tired of talking about it. Tired of thinking about it. I am ready to move on. But, guess what? The knee is not quite ready for me to pick up and run! However, I am going to share a few pictures of the two little people who are responsible for continually providing me with the much needed impetus to make a complete and total recovery.  In fact, just thinking about them automatically brightens my day. Take a look, I think it just might work for you, too!
Is Little Two not the cutest thing?!
This baby girl love, love, loves the water!
She's gonna be a beach bum...which is a good thing since it runs in the family!
And here is a shot of Little One working her new
summer haircut! The girl knows she's lookin' good!
Next is some "cousin love" coming your way...Little One style.
Don't worry, we are all attuned to the fact that Little One
has a potential headlock on Little Two!
Last, but not is a shot of a pre-surgery Nonna keeping the
girls informed about the adventures of Clifford, the Big Red Dog.
You know the one!

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  1. Beautiful little girls. You are so lucky to have them in your life.

    Judi - Marietta, GA


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