Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ish Girls Brunch and Favorite Things Party

   Just before knee surgery our Ish Girls Bible Study gathered together one last time and had our spring brunch and Favorite Things Party. This Favorite Things Party idea that I discovered on Pinterest has proven to be so much fun that we brought it back by popular demand. Each person brings seven (or how many of you there are) of her favorite things to the party to share with the others. We cap our gifts at seven dollars each so that no one breaks the bank. I actually came in under the wire this time, which was nice. You can tell by the gifts that people have invested both thought and effort into this. I don't have pictures of everyone's gifts, but they were all wonderful!
    Here's a toast to our special day together!

DIY Wedding Flowers Mason Jars Centerpieces 12 Upcycled FLOWER FROG Ball Jars Lids, Weddings, Garden, Flower Arrangement Lids Only, No Jars
One friend brought lovely hydrangea's tucked
inside mason jars with a wire grid on top
for arranging flowers! It was a huge hit!

Good Housekeeping August 11 Paris Script Hand-Stamped Shabby Chic Candles
I gave each of the girls a pair of these candles and a
little silver notebook
with an embossed baroque cross on the front
Another friend brought us each a basil plant ready for potting along
with her recipe for homemade pesto! I can't wait to try it!

And who doesn't love Meyer's cleaning products?! The scent
is worth the extra little bit you pay for these wonderful organic
cleansers. This friend tucked this into a
goody bag along with her favorite
mechanical pencil!

Finally, we each received a wonderful 1960's vintage glass votive
with an etched design that one of the girls had picked up
at Wonders on Woodland in East Nashville
Alas, I don't have a picture...but these are a close match to them!
Vintage Mid Century Glass Candle Votive Holders Art Deco Set of 4

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