Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh to Be Young Again!

   The Treehouses Outdoor Exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville (now through September 3) is a place where the magical world of fantasy collides with reality. There are seven imaginative treehouses, created by local architects, each one inspired by a classic work of literature. The effect is just what you would expect: the imagination explodes with delight. Children and adults alike can appreciate the whimsical nature of this interactive exhibit. Little One was fortunate enough to be able to explore some of the houses on her own. She went with our newest daughter-in-law and her mother. Thanks to Miss Debbie for her wonderful photographs that have allowed me to vicariously share in the experience.

This shimmering fish is inspired by the children's book, The Rainbow Fish

How incredible is this treehouse, suspended over the water, no less!
 It gives a new vision to the work Sea of Stories by Salmon Rushdie

Where will we go? What will we see? I can't read yet, but you would never know it, would you?!

Little One is searching for booty on the Jolly Roger, a treehouse that gives homage
 to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Wendy, and Captain Hook!

   Little One finds buried treasure!                                                         


Many thanks to Miss Debbie and Aunt Betta for a very special day!

Go here to read more about the exhibit and the different treehouses and inspiration behind each one:

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  1. She is just TOO cute! I know you love spending time with her :) Take care of yourself and the knee. Love you ~ Shannon


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