Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springtime on the Eastside

   The Daughter has a wonderful neighbor who in addition to serving as friend and surrogate grandmother is an author, photographer and artist of note. Sometimes she spies Little One and Brother in the yard and grabs her camera to capture some magic. Yesterday was one of those days. Beautiful. Balmy. Nearly summer but for the magnificent tulips and flowering trees still lending their colorful majesty to each day. Today it's another story altogether. Dogwood winter. Whatever. Just plain cold. But yesterday...see for yourself. Bare feet. Bare arms and lots of precious smiles to go around.
 Can you see the butterfly on her finger? 

Windy day!
A rock, a red tree and a carpet of flowers at your feet. It's spring in Tennessee!
 Ring around the rosie...this dress is one that I made for Little One's mother many moons ago!
 Peep Eye...

 My sweet girl with her boy

And one more for the road...
Brother checking out the neighbor's ride...

Thank you Marjie for sharing the love!