Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sip and See for Little Three

    If you are from the South, you have quite possibly heard of a "Sip and See."  This long-standing mostly Southern tradition has morphed into something with a different twist in modern times. In my day, the Sip and See was held in the home of the Bride in the weeks before the wedding so that folks could come and view the wedding gifts in advance of the big day. Now, you most often receive an invitation to a Sip and See to meet a newly arrived little person.
   Some dear friends of ours did just that for Little Three. Friends and family recently gathered on a delightful Sunday afternoon with warm sunshine and a definite hint of fall in the air. To say that the  hostess has a beautiful house is an understatement. Her home is literally layered with beauty. Her taste combines a few contemporary touches with more traditional in a delightful eclectic way that serves to make folks feel right at home. It is lovely but not pretentious. You feel the warmth and the comfort the minute you step in the door. As my daughter-in-law said, "I could just pack a toothbrush and move in."
    The hostesses wisely kept the party simple. Champagne in the cutest little containers you have ever seen. Tiny baby-sized cupcakes from Nashville's vaunted Cupcake Collection. Traditional lemonade and pink lemonade along with coffee, and tea. Perfect. Lovely. Delightful. Need I say more?

 And here's the little man doing what he does best...sleeping through it all. 
It will be a gift that will serve him well in life!

Hostesses with The Daughter and The Mom!

My three girls!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    The Daughter is so fortunate. She and The Son-in-Law live in a community within our fair city that is continuing to undergo urban renewal, yet has not lost its character and charm. People actually sit on their front porches.(They are not just for decoration.) They also know their neighbors and like their neighbors. Most of the folks who live there readily appreciate the diversity of interests, politics, occupations, and affiliations that one finds when living in an urban area. I was recently mulling over the fact that within a city block there lives an Anglican priest, a photographer/editor/writer, a social worker, a lawyer, a teacher at a private boys school, an elderly woman on disability, a woman whose former husband was the president of a prestigious private university and two retirees. There is in-fill HUD housing next to in-fill homes designed by well-known architects. And thankfully, there are lots of homes that have withstood the test of time. Case in point: The Daughter's home is over 100 years old.
    My favorite thing about the neighborhood where The Daughter lives are the sidewalks. People use them. So here's a glimpse of some autumnal delights you can find if you just happen to meander around her East Nashville neighborhood. All photos are courtesy of The Daughter's neighbor who is a fine photographer as well as friend: Marjie Aldom Smith.

And this sweet sidewalk ode to a dead fish

And finally, a shot of the Son-in-Law's truck that he inherited from his grandfather. It still runs.

Here is the link to Marjie's latest book:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Baby Love

   The intertwining of lives is precious when you are able to see it moving through the generations building faith upon faith and a legacy of hope. It is a picture of the living stones that Peter talks about...stones being lovingly fashioned into a spiritual house. Looking at the faces of the friends and family gathered to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a baby girl, one could not help but be reminded of the faithfulness and goodness of our God.
    The Daughter recently opened her home for a baby shower in honor of beloved childhood friend, Ellie Bannister Holcomb. Each of the five hostesses contributed something special: from the beautiful invitations designed by the inimitable Emily Holmes (, to the lovely fall table centerpiece of white and green pumpkins and gourds interspersed with greenery and flowers. Other decor elements included quilts draped over porch railings, a precious pink high chair at the front door to greet guests, lots of vintage china and silver accompanied by flowers and candles tucked here and there.
   Oh, and the food...there were iced cookies, a delectable strawberry cake, hot out of the oven pumpkin bread, brie cooked in puffed pastry, hot ham and cheese party rolls, and assorted artisanal cheeses with fruit. A hearty fall soup was ladled out on the back porch and that favorite Southern standby, tea punch, made an appearance accompanied by warm mulled cider and coffee. It all came together perfectly on a lovely fall afternoon.
   Take a look at some of the beauty and the joy that spilled over into every heart!

Ellie and the Hostesses

Soup on the porch

Every Southern babe needs to rock some cowboy boots...
along with a smocked dress!
Ellie's sweet Momma, the mom-to-be, her dear mother-in-law and
Grand Margie, the baby's great-grandmother...
beautiful women!
And what would a baby shower be without a baby?
Sweet Jane wanted to share the fun!

   If this party is any indication, Baby Girl Holcomb will grow up surrounded by godly women who will sow seeds of God's love and His Light into her life. And no doubt, her parents will impart a love of music. Baby Girl Holcomb will be one blessed babe! Can't wait to meet her!
To learn more about Ellie and her husband Drew Holcomb:

Thanks to Jennifer Davis Anderson and Jessica Hodge Schafer for the photographs!