Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking for a Beary Good Time?

What could be more appropriate than a toddler and a Teddy Bear Picnic? 
Inside or outside, this is a party that could be easy to execute. 
Have a stack of quilts or blankets, one or two simple games, 
a light lunch, cake or cookies and a cute favor to take home. 
Here are some great ideas to get you started!
Invitation . Teddy Bear Picnic Collection . by Loralee Lewis

This little girl is ready to party! Check out her shirt and her bears all lined up and ready to go!

You can buy this birthday hat from Etsy, or make your own!
Handmade Teddy Bear Birthday Party Hat

More invitation ideas
Vintage Style Teddy Bear Party Invitation (Blue or Pink)
TEDDY BEAR TEA Party Invitation Custom Digital File Girls Birthday or  Shower

Printable Birthday Invitation, -Teddy
Teddy Bear birthday invitations

Choose a decor that suits you best! The best rule of thumb is that 
the younger the child, the less you do!

Invitation . Teddy Bear Picnic Collection . by Loralee Lewis

Gear your party food to be age appropriate. Add interest by cutting 
little sandwiches in the shapes of teddy bears!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Cake? Cake? Gotta have cake!

No party is complete without fun snacks or favors

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

This Teddy Bear soap is adorable! Just make sure that it is 
carefully labeled so no one will think it is food!
Source: via Florencia on Pinterest

Use this graphic as a coloring activity or make it larger for a Pin the Face on the Bear!

For entertainment try Going on a Bear Hunt! A tiny bear is hidden (inside or outside, depending on the weather) with each child's name on a specific color tag attached to a ribbon. Children are given a copy of the exact color tag that they must match to find their bear.

Have fun with your party planning, but don't bite off more than you can chew!
Remember that it is supposed to be fun for everyone...and that includes YOU!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Praying Scripture Over Your Children

   Before each of my children were born, I asked the Lord to lay a scripture on my heart for each one...a verse that I could pray during the pregnancy that would also have significance for all of their lives. It turned out to be something that was and continues to be a source of great blessing...not only to me, but also for each of my children, as well. As soon as they were old enough, I taught each child his or her verse and always referred to it as "their" special verse. I also told them how that particular verse came to be chosen and shared with them how I would pray the verse over them before I ever even saw their face. Even now as adults, my sons and daughters will still talk about their verses and reference them in regard to something particular. One son recently launched a new business, and his dad and I reminded him of the importance of his verse at this specific juncture in his life.
    Thankfully, my children are carrying on this powerful tradition with their children as well...something that warms my heart as a parent and gives me incredible joy. Little One can almost recite her verse word for word at two and a half; Little Two is a bit too young at 18 months, but each of them have verses that I am confident will have great meaning and significance in their lives. It will be exciting to see how the Lord "performs" His word as these little ones grow and mature in him. God is faithful indeed. The verse below is part of the reason that I felt compelled by the Lord to seek a "life verse" for each of my babies when they were still in the womb. I longed then and long now to see His steadfast love and His righteousness displayed to my children and their children...from everlasting to everlasting!
4935717021 0357fcea35 z The Steadfast Love of The Lord
Here are the verses that were chosen for my children when they were but babes in the womb.

 The graphic of the 1 Samuel verse lacks the next verse which was of critical importance to me so I will add it here...."For this child I prayed and the Lord hath granted me the petition which I asked of him. Therefore, I have given him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be given to the Lord."

For a short time I served as a foster mother for a baby girl many years ago. This is the scripture that I prayed and still pray for her.

     I also refer to these scriptures as the "key" to my children's hearts. As I have spoken these scriptures aloud over the years, the Lord has revealed specific ways to pray for and encourage each child. I have stood back in awe as I have seen His hand at work. Soli Deo Gloria. To God Alone Be The Glory.
     Ask the Lord to put a scripture on your heart to pray specifically for someone you love. It is a prayer that He longs to answer, for after all, He has revealed Himself in His word. He is the Word, the precious Logos ..."for the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have beheld His Glory..."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best Toddler Buys for Summer Splash

Love these swim shoes and the swim socks by One Step Ahead. They are a steal at $9.95 and come in a wide range of sizes for infants, toddlers, boys and girls!
Kid's Stay-Put Swim Shoes

After dealing with many a stubbed toe at the swimming pool, you can bet I would have hopped on the bandwagon for these swim socks as well.  Also from One Step Ahead, they will only set you back $7.95!
Sun Smarties Kids Water Socks

How about this Baby Banz Sun Hat with an SPF of 50. This little hat blocks 97.5% of both UVA and UVB sunrays. It also has an adjustable velcro band in the back that allows you to adjust it as your child grows and is reversible to a solid color!

Now is the time to pick up some deals and steals on swimwear. Most clothing stores are taking big markdowns. This Funtasia Too toddler suit is one of my favorites!

These baby boy and toddler swim trunks from IPlay come with SPF protection of 50+ along with a built in swim diaper
I Play Infant | Toddler Boy Classics Ultimate Swim Diaper Trunks

   And while you are having fun in the sun with your little one, don't forget to apply sunscreen before you leave the house, again when you get to the pool, and every 30 minutes thereafter!

All items with the exception of the Funtasia Too swimsuit are available at

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun for the Fourth

Here are some fast and fun ideas for celebrating the Fourth of July!
Spangled Sandwich Pops
An ice cream sandwich dipped in sprinkles. Yes, please!
How about this cupcake with a red foil liner and an a tiny American flag?!

Use white chocolate bars and melt them in the microwave.
Dip strawberries carefully in the warm chocolate and then dip them again
into a bowl of blue Pop Rocks! Allow your strawberries
at least 1 hour to set up!
This one is a bit more time intensive, but is cute enough to be worth the effort
Make an easy graham cracker crust and then follow the cheesecake directions
on the side of your Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Use a little red food gel and some

Pick up some blue and white striped straws to add a festive touch!
Striped Paper Straws: Blue

Fourth of July!
Pop 'em in some pink lemonade!

How about serving your food in a darling little fruit basket from Shop Sweet Lulu?

Wooden Berry Baskets: Red
Then line that basket with a cute-as-pie cloth napkin from Etsy!
HALF PRICE Handmade Set of Four Cloth Napkins Lunch Size in Red White and Blue Stars and Dots
From C J's Craft Corner
Oh, and don't forget the fork!

Stars & Stripes Wooden Forks
Also from Shop Sweet Lulu
Here is a great tip if you really want to simplify things! Punch a hole in the side of the plate and tie your napkins and utensils to the side. That way no one forgets anything!

Have a great time with family and friends celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave! It's a great place to live!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Look, the Feel of Cotton

   In the South, we have our own version of snow, otherwise known as the cotton boll. If you've ever driven by a field of cotton ripe for the picking, you know what I mean. Our Southern snow in its natural state has a beauty all of its own. With brides embracing the use of natural materials for wedding decor, it seems obvious that cotton would figure prominently as a viable, economical and organic choice.
Large Cotton Centerpiece - Natural Cotton Bolls - Raw Cotton - Natural Cotton Branches - Wedding - Home Decor
From Tall Cotton n Peas on Etsy
 The nice thing is that many of these items can then become keepsakes or be repurposed for later use. It seems like a smart choice to me. 
The bouquet below boasts cotton bolls interspersed with muslim flowers, vintage chenille and white tallow berries. You can have this treasure for only $95 from Sparkle and Posy on Etsy.
Cream And Cotton Bridal Bouquet  - Accessories - Country - Natural Cotton Bolls - Fabric And Dried Flowers Ivory - Wedding Summer
How about this lovely all fabric bouquet...
Handmade Fabric Bouquet, Vintage Flower Bouquet, Unique Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet
from Autumn Art on Etsy
cotton wedding bouquet
From Floral Cotton

Love, love, love these boutonnieres!

From Petal's Edge Floral Design
How about this wreath made solely from the cotton bur
Source: via Lorilei on Pinterest

Or this one that combines the cotton boll with wheat and dried seed pods
Mixed Cotton Boll Wreath - Natural Cotton - Raw Cotton - Dried Floral - Centerpiece - Candle Ring - Wedding - Home Decor - 18"
From Tall Cotton n Peas on Etsy on Etsy
cotton bolls as wedding decor
From Floral Cotton 
 Don't be afraid to go au naturel where cotton is concerned!

Cotton Bur Wreath - Natural Cotton Bur - Raw Cotton - Candle Ring - Wedding - Centerpiece - Home Decor - 8"
Table decor, also from Tall Cotton n Peas