Saturday, July 27, 2013

And the Two Shall Become as One

    And the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion for him..."
It is a story oft told of a man and a maiden, yet somehow the tale of true love never grows cliche, and we never tire of hearing of the way that deep and abiding love springs up and grows between two souls. These two found their way to one another after a time of suffering and loss. And yet, when you know the way that the LORD God works, it does not seem strange that they were drawn to each other. Each found peace and strength in the other. And as we have watched their story unfold, we, their friends and family, have found encouragement, comfort and joy. God is good!
    And besides, who wouldn't want to travel to a destination wedding on St. John, Virgin Island? Twenty-five adults and five children did just that to watch Julie and Richard pledge their love to one another.
     Their joy is real. And so is ours.
It's a beautiful day for a wedding!
Getting ready for the big day!
Watching the Bride get ready!

 The flowers arrive
The ecru lace came from the Bride's mother's wedding dress.
Later, a Victorian locket was added with her parents' wedding pictures side-by-side.
 The tranquil and secluded beach where the wedding took place
Headed to the area where she will wait as the guests gather, this Bride was happy and relaxed!
 It's almost time!
 The Bride's niece Chloe oh so carefully places the petals on the walkway

 Here comes the Bride!

 Her joy was obvious!

 The Kiss
 "We did it!"

Part II to follow

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Wonder of Light

   You have until November 10. Then the lights and the magic go away. 
You still have time. And rest assured, it is worth every penny you will pay. 
So bite the bullet and make haste, if you have not done so already. 
You are in for a display of light that will stun your senses and give flight to your imagination. 
What is it? The Bruce Munro Light Exhibit at Cheekwood right here in our very own backyard.

Is the child in you emerging yet? Keep gazing. It will. 
Oh, and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell would be right at home here. 
Look carefully.

Remember Tiger Lily? Think "One little, two little, three little Indians..."
I like to think that these are fairy houses (like condos), stacked one upon another...

Every fairy knows you slide down this instead of a bannister...
Bruce Munro Light Exhibit at Cheekwood
Star shower falling to earth

Bruce Munro Light Exhibit at Cheekwood

Springing forth to new life...

Fireflies dancing in the moonlight
Photo Credit: Cheekwood
Joined by the moon and her sisters...

This is the genius behind it all. 
A self-effacing Englishman who says that he was a poor academic student, 
a not-so-good painter, and one who finally, in desperation, stumbled upon his true vocation.
Aren't we glad he did?

To learn more about Bruce Munro, visit
To learn more about this exhibit, visit

Sunday, July 7, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

   Raindrops on roses, but definitely not whiskers on kittens...
It's odd the things you think of as some of your favorite things. 
I am naturally drawn to people when I start thinking of things I treasure 
but instead I offer you these things which serve to bring a smile to my face...
on a day when it is much needed.

Lily of the Valley
When we moved into our house twenty-seven years ago, it was August. 
The next spring the flower bed beside my back door was filled with these dark green plants that shot up out of nowhere. 
I had no clue what they were. 
Around Mother's Day, I discovered what the plants were when the fragrance nearly bowled me over. 
I was overcome with joy. I have always loved these exquisite bell-shaped flowers that hang on tiny stems. 

White thick snow that coats the branches and bends the boughs to the earth.

The sound of running water

A wonderful soak in a bathtub

An antique find.

The smell of new mown grass on a spring day.

The first daffodils

Fireflies on a summer's night


Happy tears

Laughing so loud and so long that it hurts.

A shared sunset 
The well-worn patina of vintage linens
vintage linens
A cold drink of water on a hot day
Crunchy ice.

A smooth stone

Pink peonies
Beautiful paper in a good book
Su Blackwell ( turns books into
 art using painstaking skill, and a whole lot of imagination. 
The color and feel of silk.

The smell of a new baby

Cute pose

The softness of old hands.
old hands
There, I feel better already. Don't you?