Friday, February 4, 2011

My Happy

Having a bad day? This might help.

Or this...
Told ya so.

   The Husband and I both got our happy this week from two little people we both love more than we ever dreamed we could love somebody other than our own children. Of course, it might be in part because these two special little people are our children's children. But just look at the love.
   Oh, and in the first photo, Little Two is trying to sign, "I heart you." That's baby sign talk for "I love you." Just so you know.
     Now then, admit it...don't you feel better already?!

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  1. You bet I do. We have a photo of Addison with her head thrown back laughing that we show each other anytime one of starts to act discouraged.
    Our oft-repeated caption for the photo is "Having a bad day? Just look at me...."


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