Monday, February 21, 2011

The Family Babes

This day I did not play, I only wanted to be held!
    It turns out that when Little One tried to tell everybody she felt yucky, she wasn't kidding. I know 'cause she passed it on to me. Five days of fever can put a lot of shake in old bones. Thankfully, I did not come down with her double ear infections, but I think I got everything else plus some. But I am on the mend now and was able to spend President's Day with our newest wee one, Little Two.
     Little Two was on her best behavior and cracked lots of smiles for her Honey. Pappy had the day off as well (banker's hours, you know) so he came over for a visit. He and I competed for a while for the most smiles award. In the end we both won. Our hearts are mush. But I got the cackle. Of course, I had to chew on her foot and pretend to put it in my mouth, but I was rewarded with the biggest belly shaking chortle ever!
   Little Two and I also started our read aloud program today. She especially loved the mirror page in the children's classic, Pat the Bunny. Her great-grandmother was a librarian and she would agree that three months of age is none too soon to be introduced to fine literature! Next time we will be reading Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings, another of my favorite children's books.  

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