Friday, February 25, 2011

Babysitting Honey

     I am just here to tell you all that Honey has it all wrong. She comes over to my house every Thursday and follows me around like a puppy dog. I tell her what I want and she makes it happen. For example, it's a no-brainer getting the daughter of a librarian to read me book after book after book. Then I play silly games with her to keep her happy like hide-n-seek and where is the lovey (she made this one up). I really try not to give her too much of a run-around since she just turned the grand ole age of 57. I guess that's why they call them grand-mothers. get it?!
   And the funny thing about this is Honey actually believes that she is babysitting me! Ha. Make no mistake. As soon as Mommy leaves for work, I know who's the boss of the house. And it's not Honey. No siree. I AM IN CHARGE. Just take a look for yourself at all the fun I am having keeping Honey entertained. It's easy as pie.
      I'm going to let you in on a few of my secrets, but you must promise not to tell Honey...or my parents.
     You just get them to do what you want them to do. Let them pick out your clothes. Don't whine or cry when they are dressing you. It will pay off later, just trust me. And besides, what girl doesn't love playing dress-up?!

      Look very interested in anything they suggest. If they want to read to you, let them. They will also usually let you pick the books. And you can ask them anything you want. They are all too eager to assist you in every endeavor.
     And if they want to take pictures, try to be as obliging as possible. Even though I will admit that sitting still can be almost impossible, especially when you are 15 months old. I know this to be an absolute fact.
     If you are still not getting enough attention, go over to the window and ask where Mommy is. It gets them every time. The sympathy vote is always good to pull out if you want to delay your nap a bit.
    Keep a big smile in your back pocket ready in case you think you might be in trouble. A good twinkle of the eye also goes a long way toward restoring goodwill. See demonstration above.
    Then, if you play your cards right, your Mommy will be home to give you sweet kisses before you know it.
And Honey will leave happy. Of course, she will be back next Thursday to follow you around in the same song and dance. I guess they never learn!

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  1. You nailed this one!!!! They definitely do the babysitting, not us! and they're definitely in charge.


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