Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pretty Maids All in a Row

   Who doesn't have a closet full of old bridesmaid's dresses? Think you'll ever wear them again? Yeah, right. I'll bet even money that most of them will end up being donated to charity, find their way to a dress-up box, or be dropped off at Goodwill. You might hang on to them for a while, but let's face it, most of them are not what you envision yourself EVER wearing again. But darn! You did spend a lot of money on that dress...
    What's a bride to do? I think my daughter-in-law (the one who married the oldest son in March) was one wise woman. She told her bridesmaids to wear a black dress. Period. The length, the cut or the fabric were up to each individual. Some of the girls purchased new dresses just because they wanted to. The Daughter wore a dress that she already had in her closet as did another bridesmaid. And one girl wore a dress that (gasp) she had worn in another wedding. They all looked beautiful. Here's a shot that showcases the variety of dresses and hemlines.
And here are the pretty maids all in a row, with the gorgeous bride, of course!

   And here are some other weddings where the bridesmaids wore attire that certainly looked as though they would be likely to be worn again rather than ending up stuffed somewhere in the back of the closet.

Same color, but each girl has chosen her own figure flattering style

Here's proof that even patterns can work

Here is a selection of color palettes with similar hues
Inspiration---Bridesmaids (and Everything Else) :  wedding bridesmaid dress raleigh 5057638 5057638
Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Here's to mixing it up with purples and grays

Or shades of green

If individuality is your thing, then allowing your bridesmaids more 
latitude in their dress selections might be a choice you want to consider and embrace!

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