Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Let It Turn Black, Put It to Good Use!

   I recently bought a few pieces of vintage silverplate at a friend's garage sale. Those of you who know me are laughing. What were you thinking, you might ask? My house already looks like a Southern version of the London Silver Vaults thanks to my grandmother, my Momma, and my own penchant for lovely old things.
     However, the blackened silver pieces I purchased are ultimately not destined for my house. No sirree, they are going to my booth at the antique mall. As an aside for you inquiring minds, I will soon be heading out to Gaslamp Too, the soon-to-be opened daughter mall of the mama, Gaslamp Antiques. If you can find Gaslamp One (across from 100 Oaks, adjacent to Staples and Home Depot) then you can find Gaslamp Too 'cause we'll be right around the corner on Powell Place. Don't worry that you have missed out on the latest addition to the antique market in Nashville because the mall is not quite open yet. We are hoping for a "soft" opening around August 8...just in time for the arrival of my first grandson! Oh well. I like it just fine when things get a little crazy around here.
    But back to the topic at hand. Why would anyone want to buy and polish anything these days? I don't know about you, but Wilton Armetale just doesn't do it for me. Neither does Mexican pewter. Even though I own some, I still have a fondness for that timeless elegance and patina of vintage silver. It just has a certain cachet. And if you worry about buying silverplate as opposed to sterling...worry no more. Most people cannot tell the difference, and I think you are a lot more likely to put the silver to good use and use it well if you haven't invested a minor fortune in its go ahead and buy the silverplate anytime you have the chance. Look for forms that attract you and don't be scared of a little tarnish, most of it will clean up just fine with a little elbow grease.
   Here are some creative ideas of what you can do with that silver you might be coming to buy from me or some that you have tucked away in the bottom of a drawer, hopefully NOT turning black!

In a Nutshell
photo courtesy of decorvillage

Ornamental Centerpiece  To add a sense of festive abundance to the table, get creative with non-floral centerpieces that can be used for a holiday wedding. Classic silver ball ornaments add interest when piled high in a silver compote or displayed in apothecary and bell jars. Fill in any empty spaces with mercury glass votives, taper candlesticks, additional ornaments and oversized pinecones.
baubles or balls either one look great in a compote
Take that champagne bucket and fill it full of rolled up silverware for your next party, 
tied with a bit of raffia or pretty ribbon if you wish, 
or just put it to everyday use by using it as a planter

Think outside the box a bit and use a tray to make a wreath

And that English toast rack would make a perfect landing spot for bills,
 stationary, cards or post-it notes of varying shapes and sizes
photo via designsponge

This is the best idea yet that I have seen for putting silver to perfectly good use while keeping 
it absolutely tarnish free! Yippee. This one is on my list to try:
photo via Apartment Therapy

You will definitely find some of these ready for sale in my booth, all reasonably priced as well.
photo from gypsy flea market

Vintage photo frames never go out of style. And just look, this person put them on a tray and 
didn't bother to polish that darn thing. I think it's called industrial chic. 
If so, I have a lot of industrial chic going on at my house!
remember silver trays

This is, by far, one of my favorite uses of the large tray. 
I will also have several of these on sale! 
They are spit and polished and ready to go!
Pinned Image

Since they have a base metal underneath, most trays are also magnetic, which means that they can be mounted on the wall, propped on a surface using a book or frame stand,
 and voila, you have an instant magnetic board!
Pinned Image
And if that is not enough, here's a whole wall of ideas for you!
Doesn't this little bird just make you want to sing?!
photo from
Think creatively. Share with me some of your own great ideas! 
And mark your calendars to come out to Gaslamp Too to visit me after August 9!
 I am booth 366, The Feathered Nest,on the right hand side near the back! I'll be looking for you!

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  1. At Easter, I take silver bud vases snd candlesticks and perch decorated blown eggs (or some that I simply purchase decorated) on them. I also put eggs or flowers in silver bowls to round out the look! I can't claim the idea as my own . . .I think I got it from Soithern Living one year!


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