Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving Little Two or a Crazy Honey...Take Your Pick!

  Okay, this is definitely risky. I totally get that I sound ridiculously silly and positively gaga in the audio portion of this video clip. You don't need to tell me. It's what grandbabies do to me. They turn me into mush. I have been known to sing, dance, and do all manner of idiotic things to entertain them or in this case, to earn a smile. This particular bit of idiocy was totally worth it.
   Oh, and you just wait. All you folks out there who are secretly making fun of me. Your turn is coming. No doubt about it. It's what love is all about. Grandmother love that is...

Posted by Picasa              Isn't she a doll?! Even if she does have an idiot for a grandmother...
Oh and just so you know, The Husband says I sound like a kookaburra. I think he's right. Just this once. 


  1. I remember laughing so hard at my normally very stern and serious mother in law sitting on the balcony at the beach with a pair of training pants on her head because my toddler thought it was funny. I couldn't imagine anyone making me perform such antics . . .WRONG! I absolutely adore my grandchildren!

  2. You said it!! I'm right there with you. And she is sooooo sweet!


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