Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Am a Fool in Love

    She's eight weeks old. But she's been in my heart forever. She is a cuddle bug and loves to get in that place on your chest just under your neck where she can snuggle down and drift right off to never never land. She is smiling now...really smiling...with her eyes wide open and looking at you. I act like an absolute idiot when I get one of them. Like I said, with no apologies whatsoever, I am a fool in love. I am going to share some of that Little Two love with you today. You will be blessed. There is nothing like a baby to renew your faith in the world.
     Oh...and check out the hair. When she smiles it stands on end. But then again, it pretty much stands on end anyway. All the time. I have a feeling that if this trend continues Little Two will become acquainted with hair products at a very early age. She doesn't have to worry. I will buy her whatever she needs. Or wants. Just don't tell The Husband I said that.


  1. Oh my, she's a DOLL! What a precious little gift.

  2. Don't blame you one bit. What a doll!

  3. oh I remember those days. So precious! Enjoy it. I know everyone always says it goes fast but it really does!


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