Saturday, January 29, 2011

Having Fun with Some Vintage Etsy

     Nothing better to do on a snowy day but to enjoy perusing a little Etsy. Check out the goodies I found.
     Who wouldn't love to give these lovely and unique cufflinks to your special someone as a Valentine's gift? I, for one, am glad that cufflinks are making a return. There is something special about a well-tailored French cuff paired with a nice pair of cufflinks. And besides, I am sure that Edward Cullen would agree...
     I chuckle when I read that crewel is back in vogue. About five years ago my Momma got rid of a pair of wing back chairs that were covered in a floral crewel pattern a la 1970's. The Daughter was all agog over them so we hauled one of the chairs back up here to Nashvegas just for her. She gets compliments all the time on it, and everyone asks her if she bought it at Anthropologie. She definitely got the last laugh on that one. I could not live with an entire chair of crewel, but this pillow might just be the ticket for me. Check out this lovely find here:
           These little Spanish ladies remind me of some prints that my Daddy brought my sister and me back from one of his travels when we were little girls. He had visited Malaga, Spain. He gave jewelry to Momma, but my sister and I were thrilled with our petite framed prints of beautiful Spanish ladies. I can see them hanging vertically in a little girl's room just like they were in ours.
     I find it somewhat ironic that the AMC television series Mad Men is inspiring an interest in all things related to the 1960's, an era many of us who were around then would prefer to forget. Although it has become the latest pop cultural phenomenon, it is one fad I do not have the energy to embrace. I vowed when I finally got rid of my gold formica countertops and my olive green Franciscan pottery dishes that went perfectly with my navy and yellow wallpaper, to NEVAH EVAH go back -- even though I will admit to hanging on to my acryllic serving tray with lemons! However, I find the clothing trend that Mad Men has inspired to be fascinating, albeit a bit impractical for our current lifestyles. But then again, maybe I could wear this little number with my pearls when I am vacuuming the house a la June Cleaver...what do you think?


  1. I'll confess that I liked the house dress enough to click through and look at it. I wouldn't wear it to vacuum, but I would wear it! :-)

  2. Great post - put a smile on my face this Sunday morning and the desire to hop on a flight to Malaga myself...;) Thank you!


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