Friday, January 21, 2011

More on a Very Special Wedding

   Those of you may remember my earlier posts about the wedding of the daughter of a dear friend of mine. The bride is an interior designer and has great design sensibilities. So it was no surprise when her wedding was selected to be featured on the wedding blogs Unveiled and One Lovely Day by Project Wedding. Click here and here to see more about her unique wedding. Here is some background you might find interesting about the day!
   Amy wrapped her fabulous bouquet of anemones in lace taken from her mother's wedding dress, and at her Bridesmaid's Luncheon I gave her an antique handkerchief that had been embroidered with both her and her mom's initials as a special remembrance.
   Just before the ceremony began, Amy's brothers also carried a "memory" bouquet of yellow roses down the aisle and placed it in the chair traditionally reserved for the the mother-of-the-bride.
       The Matron of Honor, the bride's sister-in-law, is an amazingly creative individual known for her refashioned children's and adult clothing designs (click here to see her blog and here for her Etsy shop). She made 15 of these poms that were used at the wedding from a set of vintage encylopedias. If you are inspired to refashion, be sure to check out the Lovely Nest's easy-to-follow tutorials!
    You know a vendor is the real deal when you find yourself returning to them over and over again. Since I am a cupcake afficionado and have the hips to prove it, I have literally sampled the wares at every cupcake bakery here in Nashvegas. Hands down, the Cupcake Collection are the folks who do it best and have the most reasonably priced product to boot. Their business is located in an historic house in the Germantown area which is quite a trek for me, yet somehow I manage to find myself in the "neighborhood" quite frequently!
   This is also a vendor who grabbed my attention a few years back when I was searching for a guest book for another wedding. In the course of that search, I ran across the Etsy shop of Enji Beck, so it was a no-brainer that I would return to her for a beautiful custom designed guest book. And just as she has before, Enji delivered just what the bride wanted. I also would imagine that Enji Beck's unique books could also be used for a baby shower, a graduation, or to record the special memories of any type of event. Take a look to see for yourself!

     As we all know, most weddings don't just happen. They require careful planning, attention to detail, and a tremendous amount of work. It certainly helps when you know folks who consistently do this with panache and style and have a creative vision that never grows stale. Enter the design group at Big Events Weddings. It just so happens that they are dear friends of mine, but I am not biased when I say that the team they have assembled is responsible for the best wedding design and planning in our city and beyond. If you dream it, they can execute it. And I am not exaggerating! Big Events successfully combined Amy's vision with their expertise to create a more than memorable evening that we are still talking about!

If you look carefully, you just might find me in the
picture above. Look for the lady in blue!
                            All photographs were taken by the wonderfully gifted Caroline Fontenot. You can find out about her at

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  1. so beautiful! I just blogged about it too! Thanks for the sweet shout out! Isn't this amazing? I love it!


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