Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy as Bees

   My favorite part of life in a large family are the casual meals and get togethers that we share. Bread broken together, children running around, and then the animated conversation afterward as we pile willy nilly into our tiny den.
   We are a family who can certainly roll with the pressed napkin, sterling goblet and flat silver table settings, but my favorite meals are those informal gatherings on the porch. A couple of weeks ago, it was take-out time from one of our favorite Tex-Mex places, The San Antonio Taco Company, otherwise known as SATCO. We are all addicts of their cheese dip. Seriously. So much so that every adult gets his or her own and often (very often) will look askance if asked to share. I think we all wolf down the fajitas and trimmings just so that we can have an excuse to get to the cheese dip. Even Little One and Little Two can do some serious damage in this department.
   Here are some pics of our last gathering...called to order around the birthday celebration of one of our daughter-in-laws. Please note the table setting complete with the aluminum foil, the mismatched tablecloths and an odd assortment of glass and silverware. But what you can't see or hear is the uproarious laughter, the delightful young voices of Little One and Little Two as they talked to one another, or the good time had by all.
  I love my family.
Little One and Little Two go for a spin in the driveway before dinner

Suppertime on the back porch

Now pajama clad girls waiting for their meal!

Son-in-law with the newest member of the family, Little Three!
She's a White baby through and through!
Nonna with her arms full of love
Happy Birthday to a precious daughter-in-law
Getting some help with candles from Little Two
What is my daddy doing with that baby in his arms?

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