Monday, September 17, 2012

A Soft Morn

  There's a tiny magic outside today. A place of near perfection where raindrops fall from the sky to find a new, albeit fleeting, dwelling place. On days like this, it is all too easy to cover your head and your eyes and dash about, but today I took the time to put on my yard flip flops, an old sweater that has seen better days, and a baseball cap belonging to The Husband. Steaming cup of coffee in hand, I wandered about. Drops of water occasionally pinged the surface of my coffee. First I became damp, then wet. I didn't care if this was what it took to discover the mystery the rain had left behind in its wake. Here is something akin to what I discovered this soft morn. Enjoy.



I have this feeling that raindrops are God's idea of the perfect adornment, don't you?

And no, I did not take a single one of these pictures, but I certainly wish I had.

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