Friday, December 31, 2010

The Update

   Yesterday didn't happen. Well yesterday did happen...sorta. I had to "punt" on my plans and go with an alternate plan. You know how that goes. The Daughter was having a mad dash scramble to complete the paperwork for her LCSW licensure and she took over my computer. In return I took over her daughter, Little One, for 125 hours...or at least that's how long 24 hours seemed. I was sleep deprived to begin with and although Little One is a dream girl, she IS a toddler, and a very active one. I did not get out of my pj's...all day...and then I slept in them again. I did brush my teeth. Once. I combed my hair at 6:30 p.m. Somehow I don't think Little One even noticed. She was too busy. That's B-U-S-Y.
    My daughter came back in the late afternoon to finish compiling her paperwork and when she took one look at me, she said, "Now you know." Now you know...she says to ME. I say, "Hhhharrrumph...I raised four of these, and I point to Little One who is now trying to take the batteries out of three different remotes." The Daughter raises her eyebrow because I have just taken a deep breath. She is bracing herself. I fall back on the sofa as I say, "But the difference is that I was not FIFTY-SIX years old...I repeat...FIFTY-SIX....all the more reason that middle aged women should not do the toddler thing unless God has called them to do so." I collapse in exhaustion.

   I am just thankful that He just seems to be calling me to do this one day at a time. With periods of rest in between.


   Now you know why the promised update didn't arrive. I am spending today recovering, and I am trying to decide how much of the truth I am willing to tell you.

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