Friday, December 10, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things ...

One of my favorite things to do is watch people do what they love. It can be an athlete, an artist, a baker, or a mom. It does not have to be something grand just something that brings joy to the person. I am honestly not a promoter of people/events in mass form but these are things that are truly not worth missing.

Here are a few people that are passionate about what they are doing (they also provide an amazing product and are friends!):

Catherine Clement is hosting: Christmas on 18th Ave ... I like to call it Christmas Wonderland. Her already beautiful home is decorated with amazing attention to detail and love. You walk into the smell of hot chocolate and treats. You then realize that you can buy beautiful handmade gifts to spread around to others that you love. I look forward to this day all year.

Massage East is my new favorite place. I actually think about it often. I feel as though I have found a new friend in Kathleen. She promotes self-care and is willing to talk through what is best for your body. I love how she has invested precious time to learn medical information that will help her understand how to best serve her clients.

My aunt is an AMAZING baker and cook. She has blessed my family so many times with delicious rolls, unbelievable caramel cake, and cinnamon rolls that I crave year round. She even had me come over when I was little to let me watch and then take part. Please contact me to get her information. She lives in Nashville and bakes year round.

Micah Puncochar has turned my backyard into a place that I will play with my precious daughter. He has vision and excitement that are both contagious. He is willing to work with prices, your thoughts and also will give ideas to inspire. Please contact me on this one, too.

All of these "favorite things" of mine are great places to find gifts to give or receive. Prices on some of these start super low and others are investments. Hope this helps!

I also want to say that not everyone is able to have a job they are passionate about, but you can have something in your life that brings excitement, joy, or passion. It is worth finding these things!!

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