Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Grandmother to Love Me!

 Posted by Little One:
    You would think by the way that Honey carries on and on, that I have only the one grandmother! That's just not so. I am one blessed little girl and am surrounded by lots and lots of love and lots and lots of family. My grandmother Gigi is on her way to Honey's house to pick me up. She and I have so much fun together. She's a very experienced grandmother so she knows all the right things to do. Honey is still in the beginning stages of grandmotherhood so I always try to be as understanding as possible when I go to her house. I even slept in until eight this morning just for her. Honey has been looking a little tired so I figured she might need some more beauty rest.
    But back to Gigi. She rocks. Gigi even came to my birthday party dressed up as Spiderman's grandmother because she knew that Spiderman was coming to my party. How cool is that?  I also hear rumors that she makes the best sugar cookies known to man, but I have not been allowed to taste them yet. As soon as my climbing skills get a little better, I am going to stand on a chair and watch Gigi make the cookies. I just know that she's going to let me have a taste. I can just imagine it now. Yum Yum.
   Here is a picture of me with Gigi. Can't you tell how much she loves me? I sure can.
I am just a wee thing here...I am not looking too hot
in this shot, but Gigi looks beeeuuuutiful, doesn't she?!
I seem to have this bad habit of gazing off into space.
This picture was taken at my baptism party.
Gigi's special friend Esther made the dress I
wore to my party. Esther was a friend of my
great-grandmother Nonnie who is already in heaven.
 I just love this dress. It is pale pink.
What girl doesn't love pink?!
     There I am...gazing off into space again. But I still love this picture. That is Gigi's daddy, my great-grandfather, Pa B, in the picture. He loves me and he loves Jesus so very much. He is always speaking the blessing wherever he goes. I am glad that he is still around to love on me and tell me about Jesus.
         This is a more recent shot of me with Gigi. It looks like I forgot to comb my hair. I did. It also looks like I forgot to wipe my mouth, which is true, but I was having too much fun to worry about details like that. Gigi looks great. I look like I have seen better days.
      I better run. Honey is busy packing my suitcase so I will have everything I need when I get to Gigi's. Honey is muttering under her breath. She doesn't think I can hear her, but I can. She says that my mom, The Daughter, packed everything but the kitchen sink. I have no clue what that means. Oh well. Such is life when you are 13 months old. I'm off to Gigi's to have fun...see you soon!


  1. Such a beautiful post. I love the way you write. And oh the pictures! Too precious!
    (ps - thank you for your words of encouragement over at my blog today. It was my turn to want to cry =) Thank you for your care and prayers. I love that I have extended Jesus family over in the US!!)


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