Friday, January 15, 2010


I have wanted to post some nursery pictures for quite some time. The above picture was taken by my Wonderful photographer I will do a post on that later. This is the changing table (without the Pottery Barn Kids pad). Two of my dear friends made the name in flowers.

The rest of the pictures were taken prior to Little One's birth. I was looking through these and decided to add some that include me. I truly enjoyed being pregnant but now that I am not, it is nice to not have to waddle or slowly sit down or have a really round face! I felt great most of the time but these pictures were taken right before she was born. I felt really big at this point.

Please take note of one thing in particular ... the beadboard paneling. My sweet and very talented husband did this one panel at a time when I was away one weekend. It was a true labor of love. We are just waiting for it to be covered in handprints and crayola crayons in Little One's future! Also, please do not judge the little mess' everywhere. I do not know how to edit pictures and also just realize this is real life ... at least this is my real life!

This is the entry to the nursery.
These are some of the sweet toys and books that I received at my shower.
The rocker was the one my parents used to rock my brothers and me to sleep
... my mom and dad had it re-covered. It will be available for each grandchild!

Here is one of my FAVORITE things in the nursery. The mobile is from HenPeck in
Downtown Franklin.
My parents gave us the bedding as a present.
I LOVE it! It is Elizabeth Allen and has a vintage feel.

These are the many dresses that my mom made for me and Little One is now wearing ... AMAZING!
The precious rug ended up pulling all the colors together without being too "matchy" and is
from Brentwood Interiors. Curtains are from beloved Target.

Roman Shades are Pottery Barn ... yes, the ones that got recalled.
The dress behind me is from London, and Little One will wear it for her baptism.

I am so happy with how the nursery looks. I am not a decorator but really enjoyed doing this. Each piece as special meaning to me. Please check out this blog to see other nurseries: Her blog is one of my favorites.


  1. Hey Ann Hailey (sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly). I love this post! I, too, remember how special it was to decorate the nursery and how proud I was to have a pretty space for our girls. I just wanted to tell you that Urban Grace is one of my favorite blogs, too! I just love it! I also follow her sister's blog Fly Through Our Window. Have you seen it? You'll love it, too. Take care! Sounds like all is well with you all and sweet Eloise.
    Ann Pack

  2. I discovered your blog via Urban Grace. I love what you have done...the name over her crib is very special! Such a lucky little girl.

    I posted my daughter's nursery today ( and she is 20 months old now. How time flies....

  3. Love the photos. What a sweet, beautiful and peaceful place you made for Eloise.


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