Friday, January 29, 2010

The Daughter: 3 Months & Snow

I am currently doing a no-no by allowing Little One to sleep on my chest which makes typing a bit more of a challenge! I am soaking in these moments as I return to work next week. It is mind boggling to me that my child is almost 14 weeks and I have been out of work that long!

It is looking as though my return to work will not be long-term due to wanting to be home with my precious one and lack of childcare openings. What a dilemma for parents ... work or being home with your child during the day. I know that I am blessed to even consider this a dilemma as many are not. I have been wrestling with the work/stay at home mom concept for several years and of course this heightened when I was pregnant. My dream would be to work 2 days a week and stay home the rest of the week. This does not seem to be a viable option in this season at my current job which honestly grieves me. I do not want to sound dramatic, but I love what I do. I am passionate about my job and feel as though I make a difference. So, yes I will grieve if I have to leave this part of my world (maybe I will return to my current employment at a later time!), but I have someone that has captured my heart more than any job in this world.

Check out this girl. She is a 3 month smiling, babbling, spit bubble making, ADORABLE girl.

A dear friend made the pants and did the monogram on the shirt.
The sweater was mine when I was little that Honey saved.

Dad & Little One in the snow.
Dad is trying to make the same face as Little One
... don't they look alike!

Me and Little One in front of our house.

I had to have a close-up in her precious bear-suit.

Oh the joy in this home!

I love my co-workers, manager and work environment, and please pray that along with me that I am able to serve them well for this season.


  1. What a precious post. I am wanting to hug Little One right NOW...she is soooo precious to me and I love watching you and her Daddy love on is a joy unspeakable and constantly reminds me of the love of the One who gave us all life and breath and everything else.

  2. One bit of wisdom that has served me well is that I believe that we can have all of our deep heart desires in life, but we can't have them all at once.

    Your snugglebug is so awesome. I nver tire of pictures. And snow - wow - very pretty. I don't have much experience with it! : )


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