Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Addition to Food Fetishes!

I wasn't in my right mind when I left off another favorite of mine as a child...The Banana Salad...a culinary delight which was indigenous to our summer beach culture. I know some of you may find it hard to believe, but we grew up eating our hot meal in the middle of the day. Part of this was designed to keep us out of the midday sun because we were required to rest for two hours after eating to give our food time to digest. (Do any of you remember that ever-popular myth that you could develop cramps if you swam too soon after a meal?!) Nevertheless we were not allowed back down to the water until around 2:00 p.m. Thus dinner was replaced by supper (a light meal as opposed to a heavy one) and the banana salad was a standard supper time treat. No cooking was involved, and we children were taught very quickly how to make our own so our mothers were free to pursue whatever mothers pursue when their children are otherwise engaged. The directions for the banana salad are as follows: take one large banana and slice in quarter size round pieces, put the sliced banana on a plate with a dollop of mayonnaise (that other Southern food group) and an even larger dollop of peanut butter. Take a fork and drag the banana slices through the peanut butter and then the mayonnaise. Ummm...delicious and believe it or not, very filling. Another no cook meal that the mothers loved! My own children would occasionally eat banana salads when growing up, but they considered it more of a snack than a meal (that's what having three boys will do for you) but now, they would not touch the stuff. However, when I go home to visit my mom or I get homesick for a bit of Cinco Bayou, I will fix myself my very own banana salad! You should try it some time! As Julia would say, "Bon Appetit!"


  1. My mom used to make banana sandwiches with mayo on one side and PB on the other - I guess this is where she got that. I am a big-time mayo-phobe, so I don't have any food fetishes that involve mayonaisse!

  2. Hey Kathy,
    You forgot the wonderful Pineapple sandwich! Both of these "delicasies" were covered in mayo! Never realized it back then that our mom's just didn't want to cook...I thought it was a "standard" meal!

  3. Ya'll are making me hungry...I have not had a pineapple sandwich in years. My kids used to eat them with grated cheddar cheese!

  4. Wordgirl: I agree on the Mayo-phobia. I just had bananas with PB. I still enjoy that and the spaghetti sandwich! Dtr


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