Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Daughter: Naps and Lullabies

Did you all grow up hearing a favorite lullaby? I did. I recently found out the one Honey sang is from Peter Pan (the old school musical). I have now started singing this to Little One during the day for naps and at night (you will never hear me sing it as I have a really bad voice, oh well!). This one seems to soothe her pretty well.

Here are the lyrics to Tender Shepherd:

Tender shepherd
Tender shepherd
Let me help you count your sheep
One in the meadow
Two in the garden
Three in the nursery
Fast asleep

NEXT VERSE: Tender shepherd
Tender Shepherd
Watches over all his sheep
One say your prayers
And two close your eyes
And three safe and happily
Fall asleep

Here is Little One after a nap. She will wake up and coo to herself for a bit which always makes me smile. I sneaked up on her to find this. I recently started putting her "lovies" in with her but am still hesitant to have things in the crib/Pac n Play. The colorful flower is hanging above her even though from this angle looks like it is in the crib with her. What are your thoughts on things in the crib? I am always a bit more nervous than most after working in a hospital ... no stuffed animals for quite some time!

This one is blurry but too precious to not post!

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  1. Tender Shepherd is my favorite song from when I was little! I sing it to Addison all of the time. I've started putting a blanket on Addison at naptime - I fine with it, especially now that she lifts her head and rolls all of the time.


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