Friday, January 8, 2010

Lessons Learned in 2 months

I have only been a mom for 10 weeks, yet I feel that I have gained a world of knowledge. Some of these lessons have been learned the hard way (through many errors) and others were through dear family (Honey, GiGi, YaYa, and Kelly) and friends. So this is a thank you to those that have given much needed advice and also a reminder for myself of how little I knew about taking care of a baby when I first started. I am sure this list will continue to expand for the rest of Little One's life!
First off, pregnant moms: 1. You finally get to sleep on your stomach post baby but watch out as you might wake with wet spots on your chest! 2. I loved not having to go to the bathroom every two hours at night, but I have peed on myself more times in the past two months than I had in over 24 years! She is totally worth all the quirks!
Here are some tips for new moms or those taking care of a baby:
Savor EVERY moment. This child is such a sweet blessing.

  • Set up a system with your spouse/helper so both of you feel involved and one person does not feel too overwhelmed ... My husband rocks and does diaper duty at night after I feed and burp ... everybody's system is different
  • If your baby has spiky hair just embrace it ... hair gel does not work. Trust me.

  • Curved baby fingernail scissors over filing, biting (scary) or clippers. Red Cross baby scissors from Target are definitely better than the Walmart brand. Also, always run your finger nail underneath the baby's nail prior to cutting.
  • Pampers all the way with the green line
  • Have someone show you how to do the "spit bath" prior to the cord falling off because we traumatized Little One...she peed twice and pooped because we didn’t know what we were doing. First real bath: I really like bathing her in the sink without any baby tub/holding device as she loves being buoyant.

  • Clean under arm/leg creases and belly button really well otherwise they start smelling sour. I felt awful the first time a smelled under her arm. I just didn't know it could smell that bad without being active!
  • Buy lots of cheap washcloths (Target or Walmart) and have some upstairs and downstairs
  • Have a diaper caddy upstairs and downstairs (basket with diapers, wipes, bibs, a toy and some socks)
  • Love the sound lamb from Pottery Barn. Don't buy the high tech Pac N Play with the bassinet, changing system, etc. Just get the regular one.
  • Wish i had a good night light ... maybe I will buy in the future
  • Booties actually stay on unlike most socks
  • Keep the brush the hospital gives you and the nose bulb as it is better than the one from Target or Walmart
  • Just plan to change lots of diapers at first and then you figure out a system i.e., if she is dirty I try to feed her before changing as she always goes during a feed (saves diapers)
  • Buy diapers in bulk from
  • Have husband go to first few visits as doctor limits visitors and he needs to hear why!
  • Put the swing in the bathroom so you can take a bath or shower and she most likely will go to sleep swinging
  • Always put clean diaper under the diaper you are changing as she might go on you if you don’t! We have some good memories from learning this one.

  • Have lots of swaddle blankets ...Carters are bigger than Targets which makes swaddling easier
  • Have lots of blankets for tummy time, one in pac-n-play and one in crib
  • Use a bassinet especially one that can rock by the bed is nice in the beginning, and it is glorious when you graduate to her sleeping in her crib during the night!
  • Side snap onsies are better than over the head as mine hates things pulled over her face
  • Lay child on back to give vitamin (talk with nurse)
  • Have a friend like Jamie Burton make you an awesome sling
  • If baby has blocked tear duct, don't let the green gunk freak you least that is what my doctor says

  • Buy the Lansinoh cream and breast pads and be mentally prepared for fever in your boobs when your milk comes in (thankfully the discomfort subsides after a bit)
  • Don't be shocked when you get home from the hospital and your baby doesn't sleep four hours in a row. I thought she did as she had gone to the nursery. I realized she wasn't sleeping but was being held by sweet nurses. Very unrealistic idea of newborn sleep patterns on my part!
I would love for people to add to this!

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