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Eatin' in East Nashville, Hot Spots continued

Hot Spots, continued

East Nashville.
I could spend five posts on this hipster haven, which has been touted by everyone from The Rolling Stone to the New York Times. It's the happening place for urban prepsters who have left suburban life in Brentwood and Green Hills (and places afar) in droves to take up residence there. What's the attraction? Sidewalks, front porches, great restaurants, a thriving bar scene, burgeoning music presence, family friendly community life and much more. For fans of the Nashville television series on ABC, East Nashville is where Deacon and Scarlett supposedly live. For visitors to town there are several restaurants worthy of a drive across the river to enjoy the urban renewal and eclectic vibe that is East Nashville. My personal faves are:
Marche. (For brunch it's the best around town, hands down).

 Margot. (Both Marche and Margot are owned by James Beard celebrated chef, Margot McCormack.) Her mantra is fresh, local and seasonal. Situated in an old gas station, this quirky restaurant space is home to some incredible cuisine.
There's a new kid on the block, Lockeland Table, who is inspiring a lot of buzz. Recognized as one of the James Beard Foundation's Best New Restaurants, this welcoming neighborhood eatery feels like a place to which you want to return over and over. From the appetizers to the entrees to the wood fired pizzas with all sorts of unusual pairings, this chef is getting it right and knows all about how to serve up a marvelously inspired meal.

 I am also besotted with Mitchell's Deli. I find myself fantasizing about the toasted Silke bread and the perfect bite of horseradish on my favorite sandwich.
Pictures of Mitchell's Deli - Restaurant Photos
photo courtesy of Trip Advisor
mitchells main sign 620x826 Mitchell Deli: Sandwich Envy
Oh, and I almost forgot Rumour's East, a great wine bar with so many wines by the glass that you will never work through them all (the food is fab, as well). If it's warm enough, sit outside and raise your glass to friends.
Rumours East-2.jpg provided by Rumours East, Inc. Nashville 37206
Photos of Rumours East, Nashville
photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
And if you don't eat meat and/or dairy, the vegans and vegetarians alike swear by The Wild Cow which also boasts a gluten free menu. Be forewarned, this place is teeny tiny so don't blink twice when looking for it or you'll miss it completely.
The Place</p><p> - Picture of The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant, Nashville
This photo courtesy of Trip Advisor
You just can't talk about East Nashville without mentioning Jeni's of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' fame. Yes, Nashville is home to a Jeni's and it's literally right around the corner from The Wild Cow.  If you think you like ice cream, wait until you go to Jeni's. I don't really care for ice cream (I know, it's almost like Americans saying they are not patriotic on July the Fourth), but I love Jeni's combinations. You will, too. Just go ahead and get the trio. Once you pick your first ice cream, get them to help you with the other two. Then you will be so happy, you'll come back again. And again. And again.
My children who live in East Nashville dine regularly at The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden (all the burgers are hand-patted and the potato bread bun is there to soak up the juice)
The Pharmacy burgerSweet 16th Bakery (the brookie and the heavenly scone are to die for)  
Holland House (the cuisine is an accompaniment to a progressive and innovative cocktail menu),
Five Points Pizza (the name speaks for itself),
 and Pomodoro East (home to Northern Italian farm-to-table cuisine).

The truth of the matter is that there is much more to do, see, and explore in East Nashville than can possibly be covered in a single post. So do a little digging, read a few reviews, and make your own choices. Whatever else it is or isn't, East Nashville is a haven for good food. Enjoy!

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