Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Beach Bums

   We love the beach. It's in our blood. Here's a photo of yours truly hanging out at Cinco Bayo when I was but a wee babe. No swim diapers then.

     All kidding aside, we were incredibly blessed as children to have a great-grandmother with her own house on Yacht Club Drive. Her property adjoined that of her sisters who in turn had their own houses. Thus it was that I grew up kissin' cousins with not only my first cousins, but my second, third and fourth cousins and with the aunts: that is: aunts, great aunts, and great-great aunts (and a few uncles, too).  I never knew how many generations separated us, nor did I care, I just knew that we were part of a large, wonderful, fun, and funny family.
    The original property on Cinco Bayou has now passed into other hands, but my family and I are striving to develop a similar closeness among the generations. It's why we traveled to the beach en masse last week and then all made the trek to my hometown, DeFuniak Springs, to attend a celebratory wedding and erstwhile family reunion. It was worth the hours we spent moving lots of people, big and small, from Nashville to the beach then to DeFuniak and back. It was oh so worth it, but then again, the love of family is always worth the sacrifice to keep the ties close.
     Here are some favorite photos of our time at the beach last week. The weather did not cooperate at all. It was rainy, cloudy, windy and chilly, but it did not deter Little One and Little Two's ability to enjoy the wonder. See for yourself.

Brrr...are you sure that this is not Antarctica? Nope, it's the Gulf of Mexico. Or so they say.

Run, run, don't let the waves catch you!

When all else fails, let the castle building begin...

Don't you know that you have to get messy, wet, and sandy if you are going to build a good castle?!

Ugh, this is really really heavy!

My teeth are chattering, my knees are knocking, my lips are turning blue,
but I have a job to do.

I have to get that water. Ice water, that is...

Here you go, more water mixed with sand. Let's stir it up to get it just right.

Oops, I bet she does not realize that I am dumping it out as fast as she brings it to me. 
        Uh oh, something about that face tells me that she has figured out my scheme.
I hope I did not see what I think I did...

Time for another project. I am up for some sand burying!

I'll go first. Whee...this is fun!

Even the Mommas are getting in on the act!

This is what cousins are for!

It's a family affair! 

Free at last!

Now it's my turn!

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