Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Inspiration on Etsy

     We have never been big "Valentine's Day" folks around here. My birthday falls the week before Valentine's, and The Husband is always fresh out of inspiration because he has spent all of his emotional and creative energy on my birthday. Besides, my hips could not take two dinners in one week. So I am mostly content with a card and very happy when they are accompanied by some flowers. Hint. Hint.
     However, it seems as though the rest of the world goes Valentine crazy! If you are one of those folks who loves a little February event to lift you out of the winter doldrums, boy, do I have some inspiration for you. Here you go!
Needle Felted Owl Ornament - Valentine Heart
Whooo Loves You? I Dooo!
You can always start small with this little guy. I don't know about you, but he's already got my heart strings tied up!

If you like to do over the top, and he or she's into vintage in a big way...this might win you some brownie points! Besides, it's perfect for two!
For those love birds who want to cuddle on the porch, you can find this gem here!

And here are a couple of options to warm the bench up when you are not there!
Valentine's Day Decorative Pillow mine...Hand Stenciled 16 x 16 / Valentines Day Decoration / Valentines Pillow
Sweet and simple! That's how I like it! Find it here.
Pillows, like couples, should come in pairs!
XOXO Wedding Engagement Valentine Pillow Cover Slip Home Decor Hand Stenciled Burlap Love
Some hand-stenciled burlap goodness!

I don't drink much tea, but I find the sentiment charming!
But this one, well, this one sings my song!
Now that's love....

Finally, this one takes me back to elementary school...
Custom Valentines Day Children School Love Letter Digital Download Iron on Transfer Text Typography Tote Pillow Tea Towels DT669
Cept in my day it was "Yes, No, or Maybe..."
Whatever you decide, make sure that the ones you love know how much you love them. And for that, no gift is necessary. 

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