Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Handyman Happiness

    Flannery O'Connor tells us that a "good man is hard to find," and I would add the additional admonition that a handy man is nigh unto impossible to find...that is...unless you are married to one, are the daughter of one, birthed one yourself, or are one of those individuals who is fortunate enough to know Ron Woodside. I don't know how we stumbled across this gold mine of a handyman, but I am so very thankful that we did. Before Ron came along, the "Honey Do" list at my house was the "Honey Don't."
Ron is here!
Here he is installing new weather
stripping under my front door!
    Ron brings handyman happiness to my house. When I see his white truck pull up in my driveway on time just as he said he would, I am either filled with relief or nearly giddy with joy. I know it is gonna be good when Ron is around. In addition to just being plain ole "handy," this honest-as-the-day-is-born man is a certified electrician and plumber. You name it and he can do it: drywall installation and repair, painting, stone work, installation of tile, grouting, rewiring, mold removal, rebuilding you-name-it and repairing furniture. No task is too great or too small. In my house, Ron has done everything from replacing lightbulbs in those nearly inaccessible places to second story painting (he uses a safety rope when he is up on the tall ladders). He likes children, dogs and people. He makes friends wherever he goes. If you comment and leave me your email address, I will think long and hard about sending you his information so you can find out for yourself why this man is in such demand. I won't charge you any money or ask for references, but I will ask that you treat him with the honor and respect that any craftsman deserves. Otherwise, you are just gonna have to spender your time wondering what you've missed.
Here is my new front door surround, ordered
and installed by Ron! He also painted
and installed new weather stripping.
No more drafty front door for me!
    Oh, and by the way, thanks to Ron I have a functioning light in my shower for the first time in twenty-six years. I don't know whether I really want to see everything that I can now see in the glaring bright light. Some things are better kept in the dark.


  1. Speaking as my precious Kathy's husband , you can readily see that she does not fully appreciate my extraordinary handyman skills , I must confess that it is nice having a working light inside the shower

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