Thursday, February 2, 2012

Signs and Wonders

     I saw these in my yard today. Daffodils in Nashville blooming at the end of January. It made me feel a little like Dorothy when she told Toto, "We are not in Kansas anymore." I ask myself, "Is this really Nashvegas on the second day of FEBRUARY?" I am pretty sure that this is neither Kansas nor Florida.
     Perhaps I have been teleported to a parallel universe where winter no longer exists. If so, I am thankful. Make that oh so thankful for a day when windows and doors can be flung wide open. Where morning dew glitters on the ground without the threat of frost. Where breezes lightly ruffle your hair as you drive down the highway with all four car windows down and your arm waving and swooping in the wind. Ahh. I will not lie. It's good to breathe this air. Little Two and I unpacked the stroller and took a walk at 3:00 pm. We stopped to watch the creek babbling happily over the rocks. Little Two clapped her hands with glee. I danced a jig.
    Today, I wore a cardigan sweater over a sleeveless top, with a skirt, no less. No coat, no boots, no scarves, no gloves. This is my kind of February.
     So long winter of my discontent. I am embracing this gift of spring!

Delightful. Utterly delightful!

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