Monday, January 30, 2012

Grandmother Treats on Etsy

   All I know is that if I had a big blank wall ANYWHERE, I would have to put one of these wall decals in my home. I raised three sons and a daughter and sometimes I felt like I lived in a house full of monkeys. Besides, seeing this on a daily basis would certainly make me smile. Could there possibly be a better rationale for a purchase than that?
Simple Shapes has a great touch for the graphics. Check her out!
   And all the way from Jolly Ole England, I bring you the incomparable Belle and Boo. I have ordered from these delightful young ladies before, and trust me, they never disappoint. Isn't this coat the cutest thing you have EVER seen?!
Boo Crimson Coat
You better act quickly, they are running a 30% off sale on all winter items. It's too good to pass up!

    And if you don't want clothes or art prints, Belle and Boo have a wonderfully priced birthday and stationary line. Here is one of the featured items from their blog:
courtesy of

Simply charming!
     And from the land down under, comes this precious little vintage chenille Babushka doll. No button eyes to worry about, it's a wonderful child-friendly toy just waiting for a cuddle!
Laura Plush Vintage Chenille Babushka doll

     And this little gem is perfect for those burgeoning toddler imaginations. I spent a lot of time with my children pouring beans and rice into stainless steel cups...this looks like so much more fun!
Applenamos has a whole collection of handmade wooden toys based on the
Waldorf and Montessori principles of education. 

     Finally, I am also all agog over these darling little playhouse sets. Lizzie Boutique has hit a homerun with all four of her options, each with a different story and child-friendly felt characters!
Perfect for storytime with a toddler and a grandmother!

Happy Shopping or Happy Looking, take your pick on Etsy!

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