Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Pair of Christmas Stars

    I am finally getting around to posting a few pictures from Christmas. I am somewhat hampered by the fact that my computer left click button is no longer functioning which means that I cannot successfully crop photos. However, I am confident that there is a way to overcome this short of going out and purchasing a mouse, but I haven't figured this out yet...but I digress.
   I am enclosing some pictures of the two stars of Christmas. Of course I am referring to the two little girls who shine brightly in our hearts and bring us continual joy, even when they are cranky, grumpy, or out of sorts. Here's to Little One and Little Two and the wonder of Christmas as reflected in their eyes!
Little Two is exploring all of the toys that Nonna and Pappy
keep under the tree....just for her and Little One!

Little One and Little Two working their first puzzle
together; Little Two wants to eat the pieces.
 Little One is very patient with her!
Cousins helping each other....
Little One is thinking,
"My, my, what precious cheeks Little Two has..."
We all agree!

Nonna reading a book to her favorite girls
It's a tradition that everyone has to come "down the stairs" to see
what Santa this case, it is "Grand Santa."
Sharing a little Christmas love...
Eldest son with new Golden Retriever puppy:
 Miss Merry Love Christmas,
otherwise known as Lovey.
What was I thinking?
Do I need a little more chaos in my life?!!
The big children who still want Santa to come visit them!
Which, of course, he does!

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