Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Magnificent Obsession

   Sigh...the long awaited debut of Season 2 of Masterpiece Theatre's famed Downton Abbey has finally arrived. So these days I am living Sunday to Sunday as I immerse myself once again in this fascinating commentary on life in England just before and during the onset of the Great World War. History buffs will find themselves just as fascinated as those who enjoy the counterplay and commentary on the outmoded caste system of class that once dominated British life. And what's not to love about the changing fashions and the glorious sets which give us all a glimpse into what is sure to seem a fantasy world. Here's to Downton Abbey. If you have not yet made its acquaintance, I urge you to do so! Warning: it could be hazardous to your Sunday evenings and your Monday mornings and all of your daydreams, musings and random ponderings throughout the week! And while you decide, here are some lovelies upon which you may feast your, my, that sounds terribly British, does it not?!
The cast, the house and the Golden Globe!
Dame Maggie Smith steals every scene in which she appears...even when all she does is raise an eyebrow!
A veritable masterpiece of fashion design!
Looks just like one of my intimate dinner parties at home...
Nobody does a uniform better than the British...don't you agree?!
Fashion forward Lady Sybil bares the ankle in her harem...gasp...pants!

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  1. I love this show so much! The costumes, the sets, the dialogue, the acting . . . all so amazing. Love the images you posted :)


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