Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whatever She Wants

      ...she gets. That's pretty much the rule at my house. As long as it not deleterious, dangerous, unduly toxic, or destructive, then it might make the grade. But it's our big secret. Right now our indulgences with Little Two have included giving her the pacifier whenever she appears to want it, rocking her soundly to sleep instead of putting her down when she's wide awake, going for long walks both inside and outside the house because she seems to like the motion of the stroller and singing all manner of silly songs in order to get a smile. But I know that the day is coming when these little things will no longer satisfy. We'll move from these small indulgences on to culinary delights to be experienced exclusively at Nonnie's house. These include eating lots of cookie dough at cookie making time; choosing pizza or fruit popsicles for breakfast just because we want to, and devouring ice cream as our dairy product with every single meal. I always thought that I would not be one of those indulgent grandmothers who mercilessly spoiled their grandchildren, but all of those good intentions vanished once I looked into Little One and then Little Two's beautiful eyes. I knew that the last word on earth I wanted to utter repeatedly in their presence was the word, "No."  Pappy and I will leave the big parenting to the parents. We've long since paid our dues. Now it's time to play and to enjoy whatever Little One or Little Two bring our way.
   Thus, I am already planning our trips to London and Paris because one of the first words that I am going to teach both granddaughters is the word "Europe." That's two syllables..."you...rope." That's right. They have roped me in.  But oh, the places we'll go....cause I and they are along for the ride. Just you wait and see...we are already practicing our French!
     Little Two came for a visit this week. Her momma wanted to try out Nonnie's new sewing machine. Little Two is happy just about wherever she goes. She does not cry much and offers up for viewing pleasure the most delectable smiles. I just can't seem to get enough of her!

Little One is already proving to be a lover of the great outdoors. Toys are superfluous when confronted with all the goodies nature provides. From sticks to flowers, and bugs to berries, there is no end to the joy that can be found in exploring the great big wide wonderful world God made. All you need is an inquisitive Little One and a beautiful spring day and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable afternoon.

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  1. I had 3 of my grandchildren for a week while their parents were on a mission trip to Guatemala. I don't know who was more shocked when I used the "no" word for the first time, but I'm pretty sure it was me. I'm so happy to be back in my role as the "spoiling mia" instead of the disciplinarian that I had to be that week! P.S. My little ones can identify the Eiffel Tower in whatever form it make take - France is definitely in our future travel plans!


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