Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Baby Baby

Photo of Little Two taken with my
daughter-in-law's iPhone, photographer's proofs to come later!
     What can I say? The love just keeps overflowing. Take a look at this precious babe. Her Momma and Daddy recently made the trip out to Burns, Tennessee, to have Little Two's pictures made at the inimitable Calvert's. This respected photography studio has been photographing Nashville's finest for more than a hundred years. In fact, before my daughter-in-law left I gave her the picture of Little Two's Grandfather (The Husband, also known as Pappy) in the exact same dress that Little Two is wearing in the photo above. It was lovingly handmade by Little Two's Great-Great-Grandmother, Lera Haley Philpot Moore, bless her soul. Every one of her grandchildren, every great-grandchild, and all of the great-great grandchildren born to date have worn the dress, male or female. Just so you know, in the South we dress our infant boys in heirloom day gowns and christening dresses and think nothing of it, but it looks especially lovely on the granddaughters. The dress has been caressed by generations of tiny hands who may not have appreciated its finer qualities: the Swiss batiste, the entredeaux, the tiny pintucks and the gorgeous French lace that adorn the gown. This family heirloom is carefully laundered, repaired, and made ready for the next baby after it is worn, but what sets this gown apart and makes it so very special are the babies who have worn it. They are the real treasure and the heritage of our family. Wouldn't you agree?!


  1. Love the baby. Love the dress. Love the tradition

  2. Priceless. It has changed me to realize the enormity of imparting to my children's children the gifts of the generations that have gone before. This photo captures what is in my heart and makes it visual. Awesome


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