Monday, March 14, 2011

Living Room Design

Living Room Design

Living Room Design by kswstoryteller on

By the way, is my new toy. Oh, that and One of the girls in my Bible Study (you can find this wordsmith here) has the most beautiful journals. She creates collages on various pages of her journals, and then I am guessing that she adds whatever has inspired her, touched her, or impacted her each day. I have not actually read any of her journals, but she has shown me the beautifully crafted pages. I absolutely love the idea. I used to cut pictures out of magazines. In fact, I recently discarded a huge box of files of random magazine and newspaper clippings, some of them even yellowing from heat (less likely) or age (more likely). There were ideas for a backyard fence for a house we lived in 25 years ago. Some of the clippings made me laugh. I wondered what kooky person had taken over my body during that time.

No matter how much I like the concept, I don't think I will ever getting around to creating collages in journals. I guess one of the best reasons is that I don't keep a written journal. I am now keeping a blog and letting you guys read many of my random thoughts and inspirations. Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy it at least some of the time.

In the meantime, I have started putting together some boards at as a more condensed (no more large boxes taking up space on the floor of my closet, hallelujah!) and modern form of the old "clip and save" and the above attempt is my first creation at Polyvore. Maybe you tech savvy folks can tell me why I have the white-out on the black bookcase -- it does not look like that in the picture -- and why the couch looks shiny. I swear it isn't. I always leave shiny to Elvis since he does it so well.

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