Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Messages

It's Monday.
It's still winter.
I am grumpy.
We got teased this past weekend with the promise of spring.
It was pitch black dark when I got up this morning.
Thank you very much, Mister Daylight Savings Time.
Did I already tell you I am grumpy?
I keep telling myself I will be happy when it is sunny and six o'clock in the evening.
I am not there yet.
It is gray today.
Can you tell I hate gray?
Guess what?
Gray makes me grumpy.
I so want spring to come.
I probably definitely need to preach the following messages to myself today.
Maybe you need them, too.
Hoping somewhere it is sunny and bright and cheery and definitely not so gray.
Signed Yours Very Truly,
The Grumpy Mom


Source: via Darby on Pinterest

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  1. I love the Be Filled with Joy image! Beautiful.


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