Friday, November 12, 2010

Put Bond of Brothers on your Christmas List!

     Attached is the clip from Ann Curry's Today show interview with our friend, Wes Yoder, author of Bond of Brothers. An added treat is that you will get to see three pictures of Wes with his daughter Jenny at her wedding. Other than my daughter, Jenny was one of the most beautiful and radiant brides I have ever seen. Jenny and The Daughter were literally raised with one another and served as the Maid and the Matron of Honor at one another's weddings. We have shared a lifetime with the Yoder family, and I love them like I love my own family. Our sons are like a brother to their son, and their daughter is like a sister to The Daughter. When Jenny married, I could hardly get through the wedding ceremony -- I was joyfully crying as though I were the Mother-of-the-Bride!
    I cannot say enough how much I believe this to be an important book for men. I encourage you to buy the book as a gift for the men in your life as well as for the women you know who are in relationships with men.

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