Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hearing the Voice of the One

    I don't know if you are like me, but I walk outside in the explosion of color that is fall in Tennessee, and I am immediately filled with wonder. Sometimes I raise my hands in thanksgiving and give a hallelujah shout to the heavens to thank the Creator of such majesty. At other times, I find the tears slipping unbidden down my face when I linger in the twilight to watch the stars making their evening debut one by one until the whole sky is filled with the glory of them. Mostly though, I just long to hear His voice, and think of the day when I will have a face-to-face conversation with the One who set the stars in the heavens and who made those leaves turn red gold and golden and every hue in between. There is so much to ask Him, so much to understand. And He has all the time in the world.
   But in the in-between, which is where I live now, I look for the glimpses of Him, the intimations of immortality that lie all about us. I have two such whispers and glimpses to share with you. The first is a painting by an artist whose work I first encountered in another blog that I regularly read. When I visited the artist's website, I was struck by the emotion her work evoked in me. I can paint a picture with words, yet to pick up a brush and create a work of great beauty is a skill beyond comprehension.  Yet art, like music readily touches my soul. So here is the first of my gifts to you today:
The Burning Bush by Mary Padgelek
    The second offering is a dream that my cousin shared with me when someone I dearly love was walking through a very difficult time. I had requested prayer from this woman of God who also happens to be my cousin and sister-in-Christ, and the Lord was gracious to send her the dream. When she passed it along to me it felt as if I were having that longed-for conversation with the Lord. It brought peace to my heart and encouraged me in the journey.  I have shared this dream with several women, many of whom have asked me for a copy, and after prayer, I felt this was something so powerful, so beautiful, and so true that it begged to be made available to any who needed the encouragement and peace it might bring. So here is my second love offering:
In my dream, I saw a woman (I could not see her face) who was held captive in a dark room. She was naked and alone -- full of despair. In response to her cries for help, a team of women entered the room with flashlights, and the first priority was to find her clothing. It was actually buried in the dirt floor of the room, and when we pulled it out, we found it was the beautiful garment of royalty. We were astounded to realize, "She's not just anybody, she is royalty!" There were even brilliant jewels of great value with her clothes -- and she was transformed as we helped her get dressed.
Then we discussed the need to find the keys that would give access to all the things she needed - peace and restored health for starters. As we called upon Jesus for help in finding the keys, He walked into the room. He said "I AM the Master Key. I AM the Passkey to every door on earth. I have knowledge of what is behind every door and though I can give you access to all, all doors will not profit you. Look to me before requesting entrance to any door and I will advise you whether this door is for you."

  My cousin closed her note with these words: I woke up from this dream knowing I was to write it all out and send it to you. The one for whom we are praying is so beautiful, highly favored, and well-loved! I believe with all my heart that the plan of God is for her to be made every whit whole. Then she will help dress others in their proper clothing and lead them out of the darkness of despair.

 May your heart be encouraged this day...

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  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your comments on the WordGirl's blog. I was wondering if you would mind sharing a link to the blog with the painting above? I, too, am mesmerized and moved by it! It is nice to meet you! Happy Autumn! Gigi


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