Saturday, November 20, 2010

And She's Here

     Son Number Two and his beautiful wife (Isn't She Lovely) are the oh so proud parents of Little Two who made her debut at 12:30 am on November 19, 2010. It was love at first sight for all of us. She has her mother's big dark eyes and a head full of dark hair. From henceforth Little Two will be our "Thanksgiving" baby since her birth lies so close to this favorite holiday of mine. Our hearts are overflowing with joy and  gratitude for this special bundle of love. Once again I stand in awe of the faithfulness of God. To be able to hold the child of your child is to join yourself to the mystery of the ages. It brings to mind that scripture in Psalm 145: 4 "One generation shall praise your works to the next; they will tell of your mighty deeds."
    This son of mine has always wanted to be a Daddy. He is one of the most competitive individuals I know and does not shrink from a challenge of any sort on the athletic playing field. He is the smallest of the sons (the other two top 6'4" while Son Number Two is a commendable 6') but that has never stood in his way. His exploits in athletics are near legendary even in our family of athletes: All-State and All-City in football, All-Mid-State in Basketball where he held the scoring record for our school (48 pts) for a number of years, and All-State and All-City in Baseball. Tough used to be his middle name. But you put a baby or a child near this son and he turns into a puddle. He instantly becomes mush. He will even fight me, the Baby Whisperer, for the right to hold a baby. He can burp a recalcitrant infant with the best and can rock and soothe like a champion. He is the favorite "Unky" on the other side of the family where his niece continually begs him to drive to her house in another state for a playdate.
Little Two holding tightly to her Daddy's hand.
     As I watched him change his daughter's diaper in the hospital yesterday, I thought to myself that Little Two is one blessed child. She has two parents who will share the duties, who will love and encourage her, and who will take the time to teach her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. Her mommy and daddy are a team. I raised my own children in a more traditional era, but I was thankful to have a husband who did not shirk from many of the more mundane duties of child-rearing. It helped me keep my sanity during the survival years when I had three children under four years of age. I know that there are many wonderful parents who do not have this same benefit, this same blessing, and it makes childrearing doubly hard.
    The Number Two Son and the Lovely Daughter-in-Law are certainly in for their share of sleepless nights, some bone-wearying and heart-wearying challenges and some days when they will be so tired that they can barely put one foot in front of another. But when it is all said and done, there are few joys in life greater than the gift of parenthood. Being a parent is the event in my life that I credit with opening a door of understanding into the heart of God, and I am confident the same will happen for these two.
    Little Two, you have an incredible gift in the two parents God has chosen for you. Be patient with them as they learn how best to love you and trust that they mean well for you no matter how many mistakes they make. You will always be their first-born child, and from you they will learn the depth of the life-changing love that a child brings to the heart of a parent. Because of you, Little Two, life will never be the same. Instead of a couple, you have made your parents part of a wonderful thing...a family.
Day One in the life of Little Two


  1. May their "quiver be full"! The Lord is so merciful and gracious! Camper is indeed blessed! Love this and the special pictures.

  2. What a glorious glimpse into the heart of a very loving and proud grandparent. Since I have no children, this is indeed a divine "grand" experience for me.

    Many thanks and may all of your family be blessed with an abundance of love and good health especially.

  3. There is nothing like that first baby! Tell them to soak it up, depsite how hard the first couple of months are!

  4. beautiful!
    my father says "you need to start with grandchildren, and skip the kids part"

  5. Awww, what a beautiful little girl. Congratulations to the new addition to your family :)


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