Monday, November 15, 2010

Pleasantries on the Porch

     As I blew the leaves off the porch and began to get the fireplace ready for a cracklin' good fire, I thought about all of the meals we had enjoyed on the porch this summer. It's far too cold out there now to do much more than pull up your chair as close to the fire as you possibly can, wrap yourself warmly in a vintage quilt, and take careful sips of your steaming hot cocoa. Even then, you can only take it so long before you head back inside!
     But before the cold air blew in, we dined al fresco on more than a few occasions. I trust you don't too get bored with the sunflower theme because that was all I seemed to be able to do...over and over again!
I had my Bible Study girls over in June for a casual country supper
Another time I had this table tucked
in the corner for a younger guest!
      On this occasion, we had fourteen for dinner so I set up another table. Our chairs never match, and our glasses seldom do either. But there is always plenty of food and lots of laughter and love to go around.


  1. um,will you come set my table,pllleeasse mam? Love what you did--very French country with spunk. girls, you have good taste. I might just have to invite myself over!! xo

  2. Adore the paisley tablecloth and napkins!

    I hope you will join and come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  3. This is my first visit over to your blog and I am blessed to follow your posts. It is so warm and cozy over her ;) Looking forward to your delightful posts. Got to say I love table setting! So inviting.


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