Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Just Don't Mess With A Classic

Uh Oh, I hope I am not in trouble

Good, Honey is smiling at me

I just need to get them all out to see what's here
looking, looking, looking

Concentration is a must, I don't want to get sidetracked
Ummm, is this it?

Back to the drawing board
Hmmm, let me see...

Clifford is always a good choice, but if I stop now,
this could take all day!

I know it is somewhere over here
What about this one?

This is the one and only Goodnight Moon.

Success at last!

My fingers are not quite adept at turning the pages yet...

I think I need some help.

Oh, boy, oh boy! Honey says
she will read it to me...
yet again!
All done now

Off to my next adventure!

    I can recite it in my sleep. And probably have many times. When The Husband and I would finally get through bedtime with four little children, one of us would be mumbling the words to the story with one eye open as we drifted (many times before our babes) into la-la land. We went through multiple copies of this all-time family favorite and totally obliterated one version that was called a pop-up book; several dog-eared and lovingly chewed copies remain in our home today waiting for the next generation to chew, smell, look, read, and enjoy. I remember that one of our of children simply called it,  "Moom" which is toddler talk for moon. Another called it "Night Moon" but as it goes with toddlers, we read it day and night, morning, evening, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was not a bedtime book at our house, it was an anytime you feel like it book. And all of us were intimately acquainted with the itty bitty mouse, the quiet old lady who was whispering hush, the comb and the brush and the bowl full of mush. Everybody had to ask me over and over again, what mush was and why it was that we didn't eat much mush at our house. I told them mush was another name for oatmeal or porridge, but what mush really is is what I turn to whenever Little One crawls over dragging her very own copy for me to read. It's been around too many years to count, but it still strikes just the right chord in hearts, young and old. It's the one, the only Goodnight Moon.


  1. It was one of my children's favorite also!! They always knew if I tried to skip a page. Oh, the memories!! I love reading your posts -- they bring back sooo many memories.
    Love you, Deb

  2. Goodnight Moon, Pat The Bunny, The Little Engine That Could, Berestain Bears and the list goes on and on! Our mother and grandmother gave us the love of books and I am so grateful. The moments invested with my boys each night... I still treasure the smiles, the smells, the awe in their eyes as we "traveled" together. Thank you for stirring the memories! Love you!!!


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