Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

    Time flies by when you are having fun! This has been a busy month for  me (Little One) filled with lots of adventures. We started making the trek out to the 'burbs once a week which gives me the chance to spend time with my great-grandpa, and he is one special guy. Here he is taking me for a spin in his golf cart. It's the one place I don't have to get strapped into that straight-jacket car seat. I just wish my feet were long enough to press the pedal...I know that I could make this thing fly!
Hanging out with my great-grandfather...He's the boss!

Pa Poag thinks that I'm his "Lil Pumpkin!"

Having fun with some of my cousins
    I also get to go to playgroup once a week where my favorite activities are getting dirty and taking toys from my friends. Mommy is trying to teach me to pat-pat my friends and not to hit-hit. When I hit-hit she says, "No M'am" in her big girl voice and looks at me with her eyebrows all wrinkled up. I am not sure about this obeying thing. When Mommy isn't looking I have also added some interesting items to my basic food group: leaves, sticks, grass, and a bug or two.
Playgroup in the park...I am a ball hog (a family trait!)

This is a fascinating specimen....of a stick!
Woo Hoo...I am ELEVEN months old!
   I also turned eleven months old. When I started taking a few steps on my own right around that time, the family went bonkers. Everybody kept wanting me to do it over and over again and would clap their hands like I had done something amazing. I still don't get what the big deal is 'cause they all walk around all the time and nobody claps for them.

   In the picture below, I am modeling one of my new fall fashions. My very own GiGi made this little couture number just for me. I got to wear it to Mother's Day Out and everybody kept telling me how cute I looked. Don't I know it, but don't tell anyone else.
Shh...don't tell anybody my secrets!
   Oh well, gotta go get my beauty sleep. I have a big birthday coming up next week! Mommy is making me something called a "smash cake." Hope it's better than those sticks I have been eating in the park.  See you later alligator....or in a while croccodile!


  1. So adorable! Can't believe she is almost 1! Time flies! Love you all! or Ya'll!!!! :O)
    Loved the way you wrote this from "her" perspective!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE! I love this post written by Eloise ;)


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