Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shameless Promotion

    I love my friends and when they do something wonderful, I want to be the first to tell everyone about it. I am a bit like the annoying rooster in the barnyard who always thinks he has something to crow about, but this time I really do.

My dear friend, Lisa Patton, has written a peach of a book that has recently come out in paperback. I love the luxury of buying books in hardback, but truth be told, I usually wait until the the paperback version is available. Lisa's book is also the featured fall paperback at Target, which means that it is readily available to a whole lot of folks who never seem to make it to a bookstore. Pick one up, or two or three and give them as  gifts this Christmas. Your friends will love you for it! This is a delightful read about a born and bred Southerner who learns what she is made of while running an inn in Vermont. LeeLee, the protagonist is a steel magnolia of the finest order. You will laugh, you will cry. Guaranteed. And doesn't the cover alone just makes you want to pick it up and take it home? You won't be disappointed! Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'Easter...Enjoy! Oh, and look for her sequel to this delightful story -- it'll be coming out in May.

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   This man has seen me at my worst. No kidding. That's what happens when you have been friends for 30 years and were neighbors for 10 of them. He is one of the most consistently kind, godly, and wise men I know. Our families are intertwined. Since I don't have immediate family in this city, he and his wife are my family. I love them. I read this book, Bond of Brothers, (which is specifically written for men, but certainly blessed me as a woman), and I boo-hooed almost the whole way through it, because I have seen this man live this book. My husband is in the book. My friends are in the book. But's that's not why I want you to read it. It's an important book. An immensely important book in a culture where men really do struggle to connect deeply with other men beyond work, weather, and sports. It's okay to use those things as long as they serve as the doorway to something deeper, something more valuable, something that allows men the freedom to show their souls to one another.
Wes Yoder isn't the least bit interested in starting a men's movement, but I think he just might. He is really on to something here...something that has already been proven true in his own life.
Wes Yoder
Photo by: Heidi Ross   

Wes Yoder     Raised on a dairy farm in the Amish and Mennonite community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Wes Yoder moved to Nashville in 1973 to work in the music business where he launched the careers of many well-known artists. His projects have included media representation of The Purpose Driven Life and The Shack, and media and literary representation of the #1 New York Times best seller, Mistaken Identity. He has appeared on NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Prime Time, Dateline NBC, CNN Headline News and others. Wes and his wife, Linda, live in Franklin, Tennessee, and have two children and two grandchildren.
Author Website:

Check out our friend Wes Yoder for yourself. He will be appearing on the Today show on Friday, November 12, to talk about his book. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the paperback version. I've been waiting not so patiently for this to come out in paperback and Jim ordered Bond of Brothers last week, so it sounds like our families on the same book track.


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