Sunday, October 31, 2010

It was a BOOooootiful Birthday Celebration

     Little's One's Birthday Pumpkin Patch was open for business yesterday afternoon. Spiderman, Superman, a Christmas Tree, a Cheerleader, Spiderman's Grandmother, the Football Player, and Waldo all made an appearance along with a few more characters, some of whom just came as themselves . But the indisputable queen for the day was none other the Flower Child. She stole the show. And I think you will have to agree.

The Daughter and Son-in-Law were there to referee the event which was loads of fun!
Some of the characters needed refereeing more than others!
The Daughter putting the finishing touches on the table decor.

Pumpkin decorating station
A very special Christmas Tree!
I am liking all of this attention!

I'm still not sure about this..
Uh oh, I made a mess!
It's always nice to have a few superheroes hanging around
Having the two Great-Grandfathers there was a reason to count our many blessings,
                                                                  All photos save one courtesy of YaYa                                        


  1. What a fabulous first birthday party. The Daughter has set the bar high for years to come! :-) Happy Birthday, Little One!

  2. ok,that is the sweetest,little angel face!! you SHOULD be proud!! what a great day:)
    and two great grandfathers??oh, i am so jealous! what a blessing...xo


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