Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Neighbors

   Though Frost told us in Mending Wall that "good fences make good neighbors," I beg to differ. I like neighborhoods where there are no fences, however I find myself living in one of those pseudo agrarian suburbs replete with perfectly manicured one acre lots where folks grow nothing much besides grass and children. I would rather live where neighbors live close enough to holler from porch to porch and take time to know the vagaries of one another's lives. When you live in this type of proximity, you are able to notice things. You see when someone is hurt or lonely or far too busy for their own good. And sometimes you have the opportunity to speak truth and love into a neighbor's life and they into yours, and not just with words.
     These photos of Little One were taken by a one such neighbor, one who might not hail from the South, but who nonetheless has a heart the size of Texas. Here's to good neighbors everywhere who can make your day a little brighter with a visit a smile or a howdy do!
Oh my goodness!
This is definitely not one of my better hair days...
I know what you are thinking....and don't you know that all
 women--young and old-- know how to purse their lips?!
No matter what, I am having a little fun...

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  1. What a sweet post. I hope I can be a good neighbor - but sometimes I feel like our three girls just overwhelm our neighbors, so I compensate by fading into the background!


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