Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Venture

     My oldest son has entered the blogging world, and I am finding the thought of exposure a bit daunting. Thus far however, he has gone easy on me and has been incredibly honest about himself. I have always loved him -- even when he was a stinker of the first order, and I am loving him more than ever because he is taking a huge risk, one that I believe will reap good benefits in his life. I am loving the fact that he is willing to be honest about his struggles, his passions, and his life in general.
   I have had some conversations with friends and family about this overload-of-information age in which we find ourselves and how difficult it can be when someone you know and love uses a public forum or venue to unload their "stuff" (insert another word here if you are prone to using more graphic words) and most especially when that "stuff" exposes someone else. And yet....
     And yet, I am more proud than scared for my boy. I believe with my whole heart that the truth will set you free. Truth in and of itself is not supposed to be subjective. It is supposed to be a constant that does not change. What changes is the beholder of If you stand in one place and view a painting it looks one way, but shift your position even the tiniest fraction and your perspective is altered. You might see objects coming into the foreground that appeared in the background before. Life is like that. It is why siblings raised in the same household sometimes have radically different memories of the same event. It all depends on where you are standing. So I am standing beside my son. My arm is around his waist. I am looking up to all 6'4" of him and am loving him every bit as much as the day that the doctor placed him in my arms. He is not perfect, nor am I. But honesty and truth and love go a long way. You may see my underwear hanging out on the clothesline one day, but depending on where you stand, what is flapping in the breeze might not look so bad after all.

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  1. I'm so happy to be able to read and discover more reasons I love you all. I love how you described persepctive..."What changes is the beholder of" Yes, indeed.


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