Saturday, July 31, 2010

8 Months, 9 Months, and 5 Years!!

We are a bit behind so I thought I would post both 8 and 9 month pictures. Little One started crawling in her 8th month. She is now very busy and getting into everything! The pictures below show how "messy" our lives can be now that Little One is crawling and overflowing with curiosity!

We went to the doctor and she is 75% in height and 15% in weight ... she is long and lean. She loves to dance to music by shaking her head, clapping, and raising her hands in the air. Little One also is eating table food and some pureed food. She is pulling up and cruising. I love how she thinks very hard before she sits down. It takes a lot of concentration and effort! Little One has been busy visiting with her grandmothers, Friday visits with Pappy, and play dates with friends. We also got to visit several newborn babies but of course, Little One did not give any kisses yet.

The dad and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going to The Palm (we had a coupon via MS Society Golf Tournament), grabbed a drink at The Patterson House (this was a surprise in the planned date), and saw Inception. The movie kept my attention the whole entire 2 hours which I feel is very rare at this point in my life. I feel as thought my mind is always split between what I am doing and thinking of the Little One! Maybe that is why I forgot to put canola oil in the brownies I was making for friends and why I left the car lights on so had to have Pa Poag jump my car ... ahhhhh! I used to pride myself on being "on top of things" but now have learned to laugh in these moments. The Lord is teaching me a lot!
My sweet husband and I at a Poag wedding earlier in the summer
He did a great job on our anniversary!
8 months and crawling (she loved playing with her Pampers box)
Hanging out with GiGi ... Little One LOVES music and the drums

Trying to take pics for 9 months but Little One is just too busy to pose!

Little One loves her play cabinet that is full of "safe things"

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  1. she is precious! Glad you are posting updates!


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